sign for sth

sign for sth
UK US sign for sth
Phrasal Verb with sign({{}}/saɪn/ verb
to sign a form to show that you have received something: »

He signed for the parcel.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

Поможем решить контрольную работу

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  • ˈsign for sth — phrasal verb 1) to show that you have received something by writing your name on a document 2) British to agree to play for a sports club by signing a contract …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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  • sign — 1 /saIn/ noun 1 STH THAT PROVES STH (C) an event, fact etc that shows that something is happening or that something is true; indication: sign of: The tests can detect early signs of disease. | sign that: Exports have risen by 20%, a sign that the …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • sign*/*/*/ — [saɪn] noun I 1) [C/U] a piece of evidence that something exists or is happening Syn: indication I couldn t see any sign of progress.[/ex] He had somehow missed the signs that she was upset.[/ex] 2) [C] a flat object with words or pictures on it …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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  • for — for1 W1S1 [fə strong fo: $ fər strong fo:r] prep [: Old English;] 1.) used to say who is intended to get or use something, or where something is intended to be used ▪ I ve got a present for you. ▪ Someone left a message for Vicky. ▪ an English… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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